1. alieneyeball:

    mike O’shea aka lil mike dog

    Not a lot of flicks of me I like, thanks Spearso, I like this one of me!

  2. Great Head, shrouded in mystery.

    Maine 2014.

  3. Tide pool, B/W. Maine 2014.

  4. Maine 2014.

    Been a long time since I’ve last shot some black and white 35mm.

  5. Wanderer above the sea of fog.

    Maine 2014.

  6. Spoooooky wooooooods. Maine 2014.

  7. Seaweedy. Maine 2014.

  8. Small right hander. New York 2014.

  9. Portrait story on Chrissy Angliker for Myths of Creation.

    View the whole story on my site HERE.


  10. Rhode Island 2014