1. Dead duck / Flat rat.  NYC 2014

  2. Shawn. St. Thomas 2014.

  3. Been playing around with diptychs and whatnot.

    Freya, St. Thomas 2014.

  4. Pony tail. Queens 2014.

  5. The Jazz June. Queens 2013.

    While I’m in self promo mode, a rad article about good bros The Jazz June with some photos by me over at NOISEY check it out!

    I’ve been playing shows and photographing these guys for a long long time now. So glad they are back!! 

  6. nothoughtsmagazine:

    #NoThoughts 11 - A new 92-page #photobook avail now in the shop on www.nothoughtszine.com
    (at No Thoughts Media Boston Office)

    Stoked to be a part of this one! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

  7. Jerz 2014.

  8. goodbye winter, you will not be missed.  West side highway 2014.

  9. Born in USA boat. Jersey Shore 2014.

  10. Wigged out. Brooklyn 2014.